Features: Partner Fee: Incentivizing Collaboration in Token Sales with Company DAO

Features: Partner Fee: Incentivizing Collaboration in Token Sales with Company DAO


In the world of blockchain and decentralized finance, partnerships play a crucial role in fostering growth, innovation, and expanding reach. Recognizing the value of collaborations, our platform has introduced the “Partner Fee” feature, a system designed to reward partners for their contributions to the success of token generation events (TGEs) or OTC transfers within the ecosystem. This article explores the functionality, benefits, and operational aspects of the Partner Fee feature.

Understanding the Partner Fee Feature

The Partner Fee feature is a financial incentive mechanism for partners who facilitate the acquisition of investors or contribute to the successful sale of tokens during events such as TGEs or OTC transfers. This fee is a percentage of the total purchase amount during an event, typically ranging from 1% to 5%, which is paid to the partner as a reward for their promotional efforts and for bringing liquidity into the pool.

Key Characteristics

  • Reward Mechanism: Partners receive a percentage of the total sales made through the events of companies they are associated with, acknowledging their efforts in making the event successful.
  • Flexible Percentage: The partner fee can vary between 1% and 5%, allowing for flexibility based on the agreement between the platform and the partner.
  • Single Partnership: Each DAO or pool is permitted to have only one partner, ensuring a clear and direct relationship and reward mechanism.
  • Success-Based Payment: The partner fee is paid out for every successful event, aligning the partner’s rewards with the success of the company and its token sales.

Operational Flow

  1. Partnership Establishment: Companies or DAOs form partnerships with entities capable of driving investors to their token sales events.
  2. Event Promotion: Partners leverage their networks, platforms, or marketing strategies to promote the token sales event, aiming to attract investors.
  3. Transaction Execution: Investors participate in the TGE or OTC transfer, purchasing tokens through the platform.
  4. Fee Calculation: Upon the completion of a successful event, the total sales are calculated, and the partner fee percentage is applied to determine the reward amount.
  5. Fee Distribution: The partner fee is then distributed to the partner’s wallet, rewarding them for their contribution to the event’s success.

Use Cases

  • Fractional Deals and Tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWAs): Partners who facilitate deals involving the fractional ownership of assets or the tokenization of RWAs can benefit significantly from this feature, earning a fee for each investor they bring into the pool.
  • Promotion of TGEs and OTC Transfers: Marketing agencies, influencers, and financial consultants who promote TGEs or OTC transfers to their audiences can earn rewards through the Partner Fee feature, incentivizing them to support the success of these events.

The Partner Fee feature represents a strategic approach to fostering strong partnerships within the blockchain ecosystem. By rewarding partners for their contributions to the success of token sales events, the feature not only incentivizes promotional efforts but also aligns the interests of partners with the success of the companies they support. This mechanism encourages collaboration, drives investor participation, and ultimately contributes to the growth and liquidity of the platform and its associated projects.