Tokenization Platform to Tokenize Any Business or Asset

Unlock the full potential of your assets with our innovative tokenization platform. Access capital, enable fractional ownership, and boost liquidity effortlessly with Company DAO.


Real Estate

Financial Instruments

Intellectual Property

Physical Assets

Art and Collectibles



How it works


Legal Entity Set Up

Purchase a blockchain managed holding company from Company DAO


Asset Acquisition

Transfer your assets or business interests to the holding company


Token Offering

Issue and sell tokens which represent a legal claim on the company or assets held by the company


Asset Management

Use the Company DAO platform to manage the holding company

Tokenization Platform as a Service

Token Offerings

Treasury Management


Business Administration

Sell or airdrop tokens directly to your stakeholders

Share the Token Purchasing Form with your end users

Integrate with your product

The Token Purchasing Form can be embedded into your website

Access to secondary markets

List your tokens on any exchange

Compliance built in

Verify the identity of your stakeholders and enable regional restrictions

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Value Proposition


Complete on-boarding and be ready to launch in minutes

Cost Efficiency

Reduce legal and operating expenses with our end to end solution


Provide a gas-less and seed less user experience to your stakeholders


Integrate our solution with your product via smart contracts and API



Payment Methods

ACH, Wire


Ethereum Polygon


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